Fairs and exhibitions

Taking part in an international exhibition is often one of the most useful and exploited opportunities for Italian small and medium companies.
The advantages of attending an exhibition are varied, and consist mostly in the possibility of:

  • Collecting useful tools and information for analysing the foreign markets for the products of reference;
  • Comparing oneself with the international competition: examining the products of the competition and the promotional methods used by the same, and presenting your own products;
  • Attracting possible direct buyers and local representatives;
  • Initiating commercial negotiations (which, it is reminded and recommended, will always have to be aimed at a later date, at the results of an accurate assessment, not just legal, and not carried out during the exhibition itself);
  • Starting to confront oneself with local cultures and test the interest of visitors in the product, the connected services, and the way it is promoted

Italian companies may take part in an international exhibition not just as exhibitors, but also as visitors. Although this greatly limits the beneficial effects described above, as far as promotion of both the product and the company image, it can still be a worthwhile solution, as it gives the possibility of gathering information on the market and its operators, in addition to identifying commercial partners and local representatives.