Our technology

We make carbon fiber rollers according to two patented processes:

  • PULLWINDING: is a variation of pultrusion in which fibers settle at various angles. Thanks to this patented technology, Cometec is thus able to obtain higher and more homogeneous mechanical performances than a conventional pultruder, without using expensive textile fabrics.
It is a process that takes place in a single high thickness cycleHigh thicknesses
Costs are reduced since the price is obtained from the volume effect Standard sizesStandard sizes/diameters < 200
Good precision, straightness and tolerances are obtainedDiameters < 200
3Q: Quality/Quantity/QuotationTransverse stiffness
On request protective film for rubberized rollers 
  • K1: is a patented process by Epsilon Composite, used in addition to pultrusion to produce large diameter pieces (> 300 mm), of unparalleled stiffness and lightness. In practice, pultruded rods with very high rigidity are addes between several layers of fiber wrapped around a mandrel, which gives the finished piece a very high rigidity with an optimized mass. This allows you to benefit from the versatility of the filament winding process while retaining the advantage of the exceptional properties offered by pultrusion