In over 20 years of activity, we have manufactured millions of metres of carbon fiber roller for many different fields,
such as the extrusion, converting, packaging, tissue, non-woven, flexo and offset printing sectors.


3Q (QualiY – QuotE – Quantity)

Cometec rollers: 8 reasons why you should use them

tubi in carbonio

Good lightness/stiffness ratio

Higher rotation speed: double critical speeds when compared with steel and aluminium rollers

Reduction in vibrations, maintenance and failures

Product quality improvement

Reduction in energy consumption

No thermal expansion

Resistance to wear and chemical agents

Antistatic properties


Our company values

Create energy and enthusiasm, the foundations for all change and progress.
  • Garantiamo rulli ad alte prestazioni grazie alla passione e alla cura artigianale con cui vengono realizzati
  • Creare energia e entusiasmo, basi per qualunque cambiamento e progresso

Cometec has been on the market since 1993, and is among the most important carbon fibre processing companies.

Standard carbon fiber rollers

Thanks to the pultrusion process, we can offer a complete range of carbon fibre tubes for light industrial rollers and high performance customised rollers.